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Sustainability Policy

“Royal Mountain Travel is firmly committed to the principles of sustainable tourism. Whilst understanding that there are potential negative environmental, socio-cultural and economic impacts connected with tourism, we believe that if managed effectively the industry can provide benefits for both people and planet. In our offices and in the field, we aim to ensure that the core concepts of responsible tourism and continuous improvement of our sustainability performance are at the centre of our business.
At Royal Mountain Travel, we are proud of our achievements but understand that there is always room for improvement. We strongly believe that our talented team is the key to our success and we ensure that we provide a supportive and safe working environment for them along with ongoing opportunities for personal and professional development. Additionally, in both our offices and in the field we are always looking to minimize our environmental impacts by reducing, reusing and recycling our waste. We are also firmly committed to monitoring and decreasing our impacts by measuring our energy and water use, while looking for ways to reduce consumption. Furthermore, Royal Mountain Travel endeavors to reduce its carbon footprint by using more sustainable forms of transport and carbon compensating.
Whilst we take pride in developing authentic travel products that feature the best of our destinations, we understand that we are only as sustainable as our supply chain. This means that when developing products, we look to encourage and support our partners to improve the sustainability of their operations. Royal Mountain Travel gives preference to local goods and services that benefit locals and the natural environment they live in. Additionally, we employ locals throughout our operations and prefer to use locally owned accommodation and excursion providers.
Royal Mountain Travel strives to raise awareness about sustainability issues and cooperate with all stakeholders in the destinations we operate in. When it comes to our valued clients, we ensure that we provide them with accurate information that educates and keep them informed of sustainability issues in our destinations.”

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