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Our means of transportation

Royal Mountain Travel makes every effort to provide the best and most suitable travel to its guests as per their individual preferences. Following are some preferred vehicles which we own and use:

  • 9  Hyundai Tucsons
  • 3  Toyota Coaster Buses
  • 4  Toyota Hiace
  • 2  Toyota Corolla

9 Hyundai Tucson

The five-passenger Hyundai Tucson gives a sportier feeling for long distance driving in the different terrains of the Himalayan countryside. With comprehensive and advanced safety technologies, including Hillstart Assist Control and Downhill Brake Control, Tucson makes a very good choice for travel in hilly and mountainous regions of Nepal. It offers an elevated driving position, a flexible cargo area, predictable handling and respectable fuel economy. It has been fitted with an automatic air conditioner, climate control and well-weighted electric power steering system. It provides a comfortable driving position for drivers of almost any size and backseat passengers also enjoy leg- and headroom. Tucson’s combination of style, sophistication and sharp road manners, makes for comfortable and enjoyable driving in undulating terrains. It’s electric and large-size windows provide good viewing of the hills and mountains of the country. Its controls are simple and easy to reach. Small junctions are the characteristics of roads in Nepal and the tight turning capabilities of the Tucson makes turning easy in any conditions, helping to avoid accidents. It has plenty of cool technology options for safe driving, like an integrated Bluetooth hands-free phone system.

3 Toyota coaster

The Toyota Coaster is a minibus, designed to carry 16 passengers, is a best fit for driving in urban and city areas of Nepal. The balanced combination of economy, luxury and performance  makes the Coaster an attractive solution to the traffic and environmental problems of the country.  It emits less harmful  gases, and totally eliminates black smoke and suspended particle emissions. The Coaster provides a large windshield, driver’s safety window and easy-to-adjust seat positions for clear and expansive all-round views. The interior environment is comfortable with being air-conditioning. With all the modern technologies, traveling in a Coaster, will make the journey truly enjoyable.

4 Toyota  Hiace

The Toyata Hiace is a fast and comfortable vehicle, suiting  perfectly the geography of Nepal. Traveling in the Hiace significantly reduces time of reaching destinations along  with providing comfort. The Hiace safely and easily deals with winding roads. It contains a wide body, high roof, super long wheelbase, aerodynamic design, small and convenient semi-bonnet, and two rear side doors. It has air conditioning designed to make every trip a pleasure.


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