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thrill of flying kites 300x154 AstamiThe eighth day of Dashain is ‘Asthami’. Goddess Durga and Kali (another goddess of war) are worshiped with high dedication. People sacrifice animals in hope to make both Goddesses happy, and to get prevent from bad luck and devil’s sight. Some Hindus observe fasting in Asthami. The night of Astahmi is called “KalRatri” (the dark night). Goats, sheep, and buffaloes are sacrificed in temples and also in households. Meat is considered as blessings of goddesses and consumed with entire family, and even invite other family members, neighbors at lunch or dinner. This is also the day when all weapons from households to army barracks get worshiped. Nepal army worship this day with high spirit. Durga and Kali are official goddesses for Nepal Army. In the name of respect and tribute, army fire canons in army-lane and sacrifice of buffalos, goats happen in large number. The puja continues with feasts in most of the celebration homes. Natives of Kathmandu generally prepare Syabaji. Syabaji is roasted beaten rice, which is a traditional Newarifood.

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