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By Royal Mountain Travel

Vol. 1
May 24, 2017

Our core benefits and values, Responsible Tourism

We at Royal Mountain Travel have experienced the recent change in trends in Nepalese tourism. There have been drastic changes in the concepts, definitions, scopes and objectives of tourism in Nepal during these years. Thanks to globalization and modern technologies, these have played a vital role to drag the primitive and narrow concept of tourism into much wider realms.

The scope of tourism, at present, has successfully extended its reach. In our opinion, today’s tourism entrepreneurs must promote the products that largely involve the participation of local communities. In other words Responsible Tourism must be kept as an uppermost core value.

As the Chinese Philosopher Lao-Tzu said “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. We at Royal Mountain Travel have already started to introduce these local products and initiatives to our valued customers.

Homestays in Panauti are a good example of how we are working with the women in the community to provide good quality accommodation in family homes. Staying with the family, guests can get an insight into the typical life of people in Nepal as well as seeing the sights of this impressive little historic town. A perfect example of responsible tourism

We seek to offer visitors something a little different. Whether this is staying in historic areas of the city or in a monastery, guests are encouraged to experience a little of the ‘real’ Nepal.

In addition to promoting responsible tourism, we are also very actively involved in charities that help in a number of projects such as managing Kiran Namaste, a Dutch charity that is helping women and children in Kathmandu.

We are also supporting Rural Assistance Nepal (RAN), a UK registered charity that works with a number of schools and a hospital in rural Nepal. Last but not the least we are supporting teachers, have built classrooms and have provided computers for schools and we try to encourage their associates to help where they can.

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  • “I will never forget the day that one of my guests proposed his girl friend in Everest Base Camp”

    Tour leader

    Tashi Sherpa
  • ‘We were very, very satisfied with our Guide Prasan Bhattarai on our Poon Hill Trek’

    Mrs. Sieder and Mrs. Kobenter
  • “Baikuntha Simkhada our
    tour leader looked after us with
    much thoughtfulness.
    He was like a very good friend”

    Hans-Ulrich Meisch – Germany
  • “Though I can honestly say that Katmandu is not
    one of my most
    favourite cities, I did very
    much enjoy Nepal”

    Joe Shevlin
  • “The trip went well and
    Amir at Royal Mountain
    Travel did a good job”

    Thomas Ibsen – Denmark
  • “The Poon HIll trip was the highlight for us.
    We had a great holiday and I
    really would like to
    recommend the guide”

    William Mackenzie-Green – UK
  • “Our guide was of excellent quality.
    We strongly advise friends to ask for Mr Ram when they book with
    Royal Mountain Travel”

    Paul Wessels – the Netherlands
  • “The tour guide was much better
    than all the others. Perfect English and he
    assisted in anything we needed”

    Oriol Garriga – Singapore
  • “We have had the most amazing Nepal adventure! Thank you
    so much for everything”

    Rebecca and Kevin Tilke
  • “we’ve had a great holiday.
    Everything was organized in a perfect way”

    Sabrina and Ulli Beetz – Germany

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Kiran Namaste

Since May 2004, Kiran Namaste Foundation is committed to make single mothers self-reliant and their orphan children educated. As our commitment each year Kiran Namaste has been enrolling new members (single mothers with their children) in the team. Kiran Namaste visits different parts of Nepal to find the most needy mothers. As a result of their enrollment and further activities many women who had been enrolled in Kiran Namaste have now an independent life and working in tailoring, making shoes, handicrafts, restaurant business. The Royal Mountain Travel managing director is Chairman and the company provides the funds for the education of these children.


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Nuwakot Homestay, A New Begining

Your volunteer stay means:

# Supporting financially and mentally the only government school in Teeghau.
# Helping to install new items in science and in computer lab.
# Building confidence in teachers.
# Providing better opportunity to the local-students.
# A key for villagers to explore, beyond their possible time, a new culture and that ‘key’ is you.
# Adding a whole new value in the life of inhabitants and to yourself, as well. 


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