Royal Mountain Travel and its every major events in 2016

The year 2016 came up with all the energy and motivation against the destructions Nepal had to face from the earthquake of 2015. One thing we all understood for sure – from the earthquake – is there is no bigger and better satisfaction than helping and spending time with each other. Whatsoever the fact is that the job must continue for the better future, and we [Nepalese] proved it through overcoming the aftereffects of the earthquakes, but there are, also, a lot of things to be done to motivate our inner self, and to the people living around us. Amid this philosophy, we made a list of occasions we did in 2016 as a recap before we step onto the other fresh New Year.

Visit the newly re-constructed heritage restaurant, Bricks Café as a tribute to overcoming the aftermath of the April Earthquake.

We all, Royal Mountain Travel Staff, paid our visit to the Bricks Cafe. It is how we celebrated the new year 2016, as a part of the Royal Mountain Travel Team Building process. Plus to motivate the restaurant and wish them all the best for the future. By the end of 2016, Bricks Café is performing just like the good old days.

A Day Introduction Class to Royal Mountain Travel Guides About Strength of Tourism

They say hope can move mountains. After the earthquake in 2015, many of the tourist guides – all around in Nepal – felt a bit low about the future of the tourism industry in Nepal.

To ignite the hope for the better future, we invited all our guides from all corners of Nepal and performed a presentation about the positive impact of the tourism industry.

Map Reading Training for Royal Mountain Travel Staff

To bring better efficient coordination between Sales Team and Trekking Guides, we organized a Map Reading Program lectured by a professor of Nepal Engineering College.

Promoting Women Entrepreneurship and Cultural Exchange Program

On the occasion of the World Women Day, we organized a cultural exchange program between Tharu women from Barauli, and women from Panauti. And such ladies are also the owners of Barauli Community Homestay and Panauti Community Homestay.
Though Nepal is a small country, but it has a vast range of independent culture and traditions as, almost, there are countries in the world. In order to bring closeness and empathy among each other’s tradition, this cultural exchange program was a sweet initiate to encourage women to be proud of what they are doing.

Eco-Friendly [Solar Panel]

In April Royal Mountain Travel, which was the peak season for the power cuts and load-sheddings, we converted our company into a total eco-friendly company. Lack of electricity and power cuts was leading to a bigger problem to bind us to use diesel generators as an alternate source of energy However, now the capital has no such issues regarding power cuts, but we are still relying on solar energy. For more information, READ HERE.

English Language Class to the women of Panauti Community Homestay

Most of the owners [women] of Panauti Community Homestay didn’t receive these opportunities to get proper education.

This social issue was leading a communication barrier between Homestay’s host family and their guest. So, we organized a month English learning class in the Panauti Community Homestay, which became an absolute success program.

First Aid Program for Staff [Drivers]

Royal Mountain Travel (RMT) organized ‘First Aid’ training for its twelve vehicle drivers and three driving helpers – in collaboration with the Nepal Red Cross Society (NRCS) at its very own office in Lal Durbar Marg.

The prime motive of the First Aid’s guidance is to educate drivers, of the company, in regards to work efficiently during any misfortune situation. For more information, READ HERE.

First Aid Program for Staff [Sales and Management Team]

Royal Mountain Travel (RMT) organized ‘First Aid’ training to its 22 office staff – in collaboration with the Nepal Red Cross Society (NRCS) – at its very own office in Lal Durbar Marg. First Aid’s guidance and tanning are organized to educate the staff of the company, in regards to work efficiently during any misfortune (emergency) situations. For more information, READ HERE.

Futsal Program

As a part of recreational program, we [all Royal Mountain Travel staff decided] that thrice in a week we shall play a Futsal match among our staff. This is also a part of our team building programs.

First Hand Report of the Earthquake effected tourist destination; Langtang

In September, one of the major peak tourist seasons, we sent our staff for the current report of once a famous tourist destination – Langtang, but severely affected by the 2015 earthquake. Read here for more information. For more information, READ HERE

Royal Mountain Travel collaborates with Travel Social Good

As a part of the walk of our core interest towards sustainable and responsible tourism, we [Royal Mountain Travel ] got this golden opportunity to work with a global community of change-makers, Travel+SocialGood. We are the first hub in Nepal for TSG+. For reports, please read here.

Community Hike

On 27th October 2016, TSG+ Hub Kathmandu is introducing, and walking on a new hiking route from Sanga; a small town, but home to the world's tallest statue of Lord Shiva, to the colorful valley – Panauti. This, a day hike event is intended to bring awareness to locals (Tamangs) about the sustainability, the importance of cleanliness – throughout the hiking route, protection of their culture and environment. For reports, please read here.

Reconstruction of a government school in Nuwakot.

The staff of Royal Mountain Travel for two days went to a governmental school in Tigau, Nuwakot – Panchakanya School – and volunteered our energy and employment in the construction of new buildings for the school students. Panchakanya School had faced severe casualties from the last year’s earthquake, and now to participate, physically, in such progress is an honour and pride for us. Though it is just a beginning, but surely throughout the year of 2017, and if the process of the construction prolongs, Royal Mountain Travel is going to put its effort and ideas in the construction of the buildings.

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