My Experience on Everest Base Camp Trek

Before writing about my experience in Everest Base Camp trek. Firstly, I would like to mention that from the beginning of my job, career, I mean for the last 6 years I have been working and feel proud of being specialized trekking and tour leader in Annapurna Region from the Royal Mountain Travel. Which is one of the top-ranking travel companies in Nepal and has the biggest international network that offers extensive variety tours, treks, hikes and other adventure travel activities for Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan. Continue reading

Paragliding in Nepal, Ultimate Adrenaline Rush

nepal-paraglidingFor the adventure seeker, paragliding in Nepal can be a fulfilling experience and a trip will take you over some of the best scenery on earth. The flying season in Nepal commences from November through February, the best months being November and December. Continue reading

Challenge Your Climbing Skills When In Nepal

Nepal Peak Climbing

Climbers on the way to Island Peak. Image: flickr/ jarikir

It does not matter if you aren’t a really good climber. Now that you’re in Nepal, here’s a chance to challenge yourself and climb a real Himalayan peak or two. Yes, be a Himalayan climber. A good choice would be to try climbing one of the 18 trekking peaks listed under Group B of NMA (Nepal Mountaineering Association) Trekking Peaks. Continue reading

The Great Cycling Trail, Lhasa to Kathmandu

Lhasa to Kathmandu Cycle Trip

Lhasa to Kathmandu cycling trail. Image: flickr/Jody McIntyre

It’s not only hiking that’s so much fun and adventure, cycling too can be as challenging, as spirited, and actually more of an adventure than even trekking. Besides, cycling long distance over high altitude terrain will surely require a fair bit determination and perseverance. Continue reading

White Water Rafting in Nepal—Experience of a Lifetime

rafting in nepalOnce, an Irish lady exclaimed to me, “Look, this newspaper report says that load-shedding has been curtailed to only eight hours a day,” and then, in a tone fairly dripping with sarcasm, “Only eight hours!” Indeed, such is the state of affairs in the country today, and while locals have somehow got used to it, considering even eight hours as ‘only’, it must be a really unique experience for people of de developed nations, where a few hours of blackout would probably create a panic situation. Continue reading

Nepal, Land of Adventure and Discovery

paragliding in nepal

Paragliding with spectacular views of the Himalayas. Image: Avia Club Nepal

Two Nepali adventurers who were very much in the international limelight in 2012 were Sano Babu Sunuwar and Lakpa Tsheri Sherpa. That was the year when these two intrepid buccaneers were chosen as the 2012 People’s Choice Adventurers of the Year through a public poll conducted by no less an authoritative body than National Geographic magazine. Continue reading