Discover Your Self, Yoga classes and retreats in Nepal

Nepal is not only an amazing destination for exploring mountains and cultural riches; it is also an inspiring place for discovering more about your self. An yoga retreat, a yoga class or meditation course can make your holiday itinerary more rewarding, and give you tools for positive change back home.

Are you looking for a more balanced and healthy life style? Making yoga part of your every day routine can help you accomplish this.

Yoga is an all comprising lifestyle and philosophy that focuses on understanding and harmonising your body and mind. It is neither a religion, nor just an alternative for a workout in the gym. Through the practices of yoga, you become aware of the relation between your emotions, your mind and your body.

The good news is that yoga is for everyone. You do not need any special knowledge, incredible fl exibility or specifi c skills or fi tness. The daily yoga classes held at the Pranamaya Yoga Studios in Kathmandu and Patan provide a good introduction into the different styles of yoga on offer in the East and the West. Right from the first class you will experience the benefits of your practice, and don’t be surprised if your body and mind keep on asking for more. Key to building up a strong, personal yoga routine is finding the right yoga style for you. The experienced international and Nepalese teachers at Pranamaya are happy to talk to you about your expectations and needs, and advise you on which classes to try.

A yoga retreat of a weekend or multiple days is a great opportunity to go more in depth and learn about the essence of yoga philosophy, the importance of relaxation and the breath and how awareness can change your life. The Pranamayayoga retreats are held at beautiful locations in Nepal, and combine yoga classes with introductions on the ancient science of Ayurveda, the importance of the right diet and how to make your own daily yoga routine. Tasty home cooked organic food and walks in lush green surroundings make yoga retreats in Nepal a truly inspiring outward and inward journey.

Retreat Dates:
1-3 Oct, 8-10 Oct, 15-17 Oct, 22-24 Oct, 29-31 Oct,
5-7 Nov, 12-14 Nov, 19-21 Nov, 26-28 Nov,
3-5 Dec, 10-12 Dec & 17-19 Dec

For more information please go to Pranamaya Yoga

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