New Constitution, and Optimistic Tourism Industry of Nepal

Nepal Constitution

To trace back the history of tourism in Nepal, there are numerous events, written and mention in the past. However, ever since Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Sherpa first climbed Mt Everest in 1953, the Himalayan range of Nepal became new, but emerging, obsession and passion for climbers and mountain lovers all around the world. Back, at that instant period, there were scarcity of hotels, but with the invasion of 60’s era along with Hippie culture, Nepal became one of the ideal destinations for independent travelers, who wished to travel Asian range starting from Turkey to settle down at the Himalayan belt, Nepal. Nepal happened to attract many tourists who dreamt of visiting Tibet, but then Nepal is the gateway to the Tibet and the birthplace of Lord Buddha, Nepal became a hot-transit and ‘a bucket list’ place for tourists and pilgrims all around the world.

Nevertheless, blaming political unrest and instability – including Maoist insurgency – has affected the tourism industry in the past, or say until a few months back, but with the promulgation of a new constitution on Sunday has given the tourism industry many reasons to cheer. Provisions for foreign investment has been secured, safely, in the constitution makes a room for the tourism industry to sky-rocket the limitations of the Nepalese tourism.
Quoting a interview “The drafting of the constitution has ended the political deadlock that has remained for a long time ago, and it will be instrumental in giving solid momentum to the country’s economy,” said Suman Pandey, president of the Pacific Asia Travel Association (Pata) Nepal Chapter. “The successful transition to a new order will help Nepal regain its image as a tourist destination.”

Indeed, after April’s earthquake, Nepal sees a new era in the tourism industry. Reconstruction of old monuments, pavements, security concerns and management on tourism sectors are being addressed and efforts are applied to make Nepalese tourism back on its track. October bookings were looking good as international airlines had started resuming their flights and gradually increasing their frequency. “Peace, safety and political stability are important determinants to attract tourists,” said Ashok Pokhrel, president of the Nepal Association of Tour Operators.

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