The Festivals of Bhutan Part 4

Thimphu Drubchen

Masked Dancers performing during the Thimphu Drubchen. Image: Gelay Jamtsho

Bhutan is as unique a country as is any other country, with some features that set it apart from others. The government’s official position is that Gross National Happiness (GNH) is more important than Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Continue reading

The Festivals of Bhutan Part 2

Dancing Demons st the festival. Image: flickr/Carsten ten Brink

Dancing Demons st the festival. Image: flickr/Carsten ten Brink

Bhutan may be a small kingdom but it surely has a lot of festivals. These are mostly religious in nature and are called tshechus. Tshechu means the “tenth day” of a month of the lunar calendar, a day when Guru Rimpoche’s birthday is celebrated. -<!-more

A Feel of Bhutanese History, the Punakha Drubchen Festival

Punakha Festival

Punakha Festival. Image: flickr/David Orgel

In the 17th century, Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyal of Punakha in western Bhutan defeated the invading Tibetan forces which led to the unification of the country as one nation. To honor this victory, a grand celebration, the Punakha Drubchen (a.k.a. Puna Drubchen), was held. It went on to become an annual festival of the district. Continue reading

Bhutan, Mystical Paradise

Butan ToursBhutan’s unique architecture

As your excitement at the eminent arrival in Paro Airport rises, you are scanning through the window looking for some distinguishing landmarks that tell you that you are in a different country. The airport buildings are not an architect’s dream, but fine examples of what you will be seeing a lot more of on your travels. The style is genuinely Bhutanese, with some allowance to modern buildings use. You will soon find that the style is unique to Bhutan. Continue reading