Women Entrepreneurship in Nepal

The recipe, or say secret recipe, for a healthy family, and for a successful community is to trust, empower, and enhance the skills of women/housewives. This is not just an assumption, but the fact, and one of the references (example) I am attaching hereby is from two distinct communities, where housewives (now successful entrepreneurs of their own) proved that if equal opportunities were given to the women/housewives they could handle the family, and at the same time they will operate a ‘successful’ business.
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Be Well Fed and Culturally Enriched Panauti’s Homestay Program

Panauti Home Stay“Oh Nepal.Easily, our favourite country visited during our trip…One of the highlights of our 2-week trip was a visit to the village of Panauti where we took part in a homestay program. We learned how to make momos (a Nepali dumpling), visited the village, and bonded with our guide and friend Ashok and his family who warmly welcomed us! Continue reading