Nepal’s Wildlife Diversity

Additionally, Nepal is increasingly being promoted as a favored destination for tourists looking for high adventure, and this, the country promises in full through its many outdoors activities including adventure sports. Besides all these, it is also very probable that Nepal could well be promoted as an Asian safari destination due to its diverse wildlife.

Although Nepal occupies only 0.1 % of the earth’s surface, it supports globally, 4.2% of the butterfly population consisting of about 650 species.

Nepal is also a favored destination for bird watchers. Shivpuri, Pokhara, Chitwan, Lumbini and Koshi Tappu are prime locations where more than 870 species of birds can be viewed. The Sapta Koshi River, along with such wetlands, provides refuge for many migratory birds and waterfowls. Nepal has around 20 globally endangered bird species including the Lesser Adjutant Storshoi. The Barn Owl and the Eurasian Large Owl, in imminent danger in many countries, are relatively safe in Nepal. In the Terai, the white rumped vultures are now in the critically endangered list and there is an alarming increase in the population of crows that are displacing other birds.

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