Bhairav Kunda Trek

Bhairav KundBhairav Kunda, certainly a great trek, which is located northeast of Kathmandu, is one such site. ‘Bhairav’ is the destructive manifestation of Lord Shiva, while ‘Kunda’ means pond. Due to its tantric connotations, Bhairav Kunda is a favored pilgrimage site for the dhami-jhnakris of Nepal, they are referred to as shamans who are said to communicate with spirits of the netherworld, and especially in August every year (during the Janai Purnima festival) they congregate in their hundreds here.

Bhairav Kunda is also one of the newly opened trekking destinations in Nepal, so now you too can go on a 10-day trek to this mysterious ‘kunda’, that’s situated at quite a height, that is, 4,364 meters above sea level. Continue reading

From Beni to Jaljala—the Guerilla Trek

On the night of March 20, 2004, In the dead of night, about 6,000 Maoist guerillas descended on the district headquarters of Myagdi district in Dhaulagiri Zone from the surrounding hills. the quiet mountain town of Beni in mid-western Nepal, some distance away from one of the major cities of the country, Pokhara, was rocked by the sound of bombs and gunfire. Continue reading

Hidden Valley of Happiness― Tsum Valley

tsum valley trek

Hidden Valley of Happiness. Image: flickr/Deana Zabaldo

Nepal was once said to be a veritable Shangri-La, so unpolluted was its environment and so fantastic was its natural beauty. Today, the former, no doubt, cannot be so-claimed, but as for the latter, it remains more or less as before—rugged mountain landscapes, rushing mountain rivers, Continue reading

Trekking to Kanchenjunga Base Camp

“Kangchenjunga embodies much of the unknown history of Himalayan climbing: the undeclared, but clearly politically motivated race between the British and the Germans to become the first nation to conquer an 8,000 m peak. While the British made one failed attempt after another to summit Everest, the Germans split their equally unsuccessful efforts between Kangchenjunga (in Nepal) and Nanga Parbat in Pakistan. Continue reading

Go to Ghandruk to meet the Gurungs

Ghandruk Village. Image: Flickr/Peretz Partensky

Every visitor to the lake city of Pokhara will likely say that it is one of the loveliest cities on planet earth. That is because of its fantastic natural beauty. However, one could also say that Pokhara is a gateway to some equally lovely places. One such place is Ghandruk (2,010 m), a village inhabited by the Gurungs, a clan made famous by the bravery of many of its brethren in many wars all over the globe. Continue reading

Ganesh Himal Cultural Home Stay Trekking

Dhading, Gorkha, Rasuwaa and Nuwakot districts are at the geographical center of Nepal and lie at the heart of the nation’s history. It is from these hills that Gorkhahillsmen, led by Prithvi Narayan Shah, set out to unite Nepal in the late 1700s. Since then, Gorkha soldiers have received international fame for their bravery and skill as warriors. Continue reading