Voluntarism in Nepal from Melbourne University with Royal Mountain Travel

Since 12 years of the establishment of the Royal Mountain Travel, and in these twelve years we’ve been firmly committed to the sustainable and responsible tourism. We have always believed in the development of the society, community, and the country should come first before the development of our company. Especially in the travel industry; adding the valuable experience in the vacation of the travellers’ and settling them in the safest destination is the harvesting process and this will continue for a longer period of time. Connecting the threads, we have always been focused on developing, uplifting, and making the community an independent. Because then only if travelers visit such communities can gather the fresh and genuine smiles of our people, and they shall feel safe living in the community.

When we started the company, we started with a few family members. We had hoped to be a big family like we are today, but we never worked to be a bigger firm. We all firmly wanted to bring change and authenticity during the vacation period of the travelers travelling with us. But even when we had a few helping hands, we were always working to develop the community.

In 2015, we met with the representatives from Melbourne University in the World Host of the Community Homestays in Malaysia. They liked the idea we are doing for the development of the community in Nepal, and we shook our hands if possible they will send us volunteers (students) from the Uni as their internship program. And that DREAM has come true. We have received 12 students (volunteers) from the Melbourne University to work with the three community Homestays; Barauli Community Homestay, Nuwakot Community Homestay, and Panauti Community Homestay.

From the 14th of Jan, 2017 they will work closely with Homestays in terms to develop the community through health education, awareness about sanitation, disadvantages of early marriage, and in the promotional media to let the world hear about the beauty of living in the community. Some of the students from the Melbourne University are already doing a great event for the benefit of the vulnerable members of the rural community, like organizing a free health post camp in Barauli.

Another group of students is working with the local government school for the better education system of the school.

We are much hopeful about this project, and we feel honored to arranging an another mode to give back to the community that we all come from.

Community Homestay Network: https://www.communityhomestay.com/

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