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Kathmandu – Beyond the Ordinary


Kathmandu – Beyond the Ordinary


Trip Overview

Our “Kathmandu – Beyond the Ordinary” tour, takes you to imbue yourself with the abundant culture, nature and meaningful connections with communities that are scattered close to the capital city. Visit destinations that are not frequented by other visitors and experience the warmth of the Nepalese community by staying together with the locals and witnessing Nepal from an enriching perspective.

Starting with Nagarkot Community Homestay, you will travel to a homestay that is close to green forests, clusters of waterfalls and panoramic scenes. Practice Hatha yoga with an experienced local practitioner in the morning to relax your mind and body and then go for a hike around the village. Walk through the forest with a magnificent view to visit the small clusters of waterfalls and visit Jalpa Devi Temple which is an important religious site for the locals.

A brief hike from Nagarkot to Nala and then travel onwards to Namobuddha, a sacred site for the Buddhist community is an ideal blend of spiritual and natural beauty for cultural enthusiasts. Enjoy a bike ride from Namobuddha to Panauti the next day with picturesque hills in the background accompanied by a local guide who will explain to you the history of the sacred pilgrimage site.

Panauti Community Homestay is a successful model of women empowerment and women-led community homestay. Experience dressing up in the local attire and cooking traditional Newari food of the Newari community at Panauti together with the host family. 

On the way back to Kathmandu, stopover briefly at Kirtipur. Experience writing the ancient script, Ranjana Lipi using a bamboo pen and ink on canvas paper. Traditional Newari drink from an earthen cup and authentic Newari dishes Sagun and Samay Baji set will be served to elevate your cultural experience. As the writing and feasting come to an end, the guests depart with their own Ranjana script framed as a special memento. Thereafter,  explore the Newari town that has remained very close to the heart of Kathmandu yet is not frequented by tourists. Explore the alleyways with nearly every opening leading you to an important site or monument. 

This trip will resonate with individuals who want a deeper understanding of Nepalese life, immersing oneself culturally and forging connections with the locals of the community that leaves one with a lifetime memory.

Trip Highlights

  • Finding meaningful connections with communities situated away from the touristic hubs
  • Revitalization of the mind and body with Hatha Yoga session
  • Hikes with a scenic view of hills and nearby villages in the backdrop
  • Sightseeing and exciting bike ride passing through the farm fields and age old-temples Panauti
  • Dressing in traditional attire and learning the art of Newari cuisine with the hosts
  • Experience Ranjana Lipi and Aila with Samay Baji


International Airport Arrival Transfer, Sound Healing and Dinner at Avata

Welcome to Nepal! On your arrival at the airport in Kathmandu, you will be received with a placard having your name in the arrival hall. The luggage will be loaded in the car and you will be transferred to the hotel in Kathmandu. After check-in you can take the time to freshen up before you move to Avata, for a sound healing session to recover from the jet lag followed by a healthy dinner at Nourish by Avata.

Thereafter, you will be transferred back to your hotel.

  • Accommodation: Traditional Comfort or Similar

Pottery and Bhaktapur Sightseeing, Transfer to Nagarkot, Tapari and Batti Making Experience

Today, you will be travelling to the infamous Bhaktapur area, starting with a pottery experience in the pottery capital – Thimi. Followed by a short description of the pottery, the local artisan will guide you through the art of making ceramics from basics. Afterwards, walk through the historical Newari Town of Bhaktapur, showcasing lavish examples of Newari architectural and handicraft skills. Explore the narrow historic alleys and observe the richness of medieval art and architecture around its Durbar squares. Thereafter, you will move on to Nagarkot, a well-known getaway destination from Kathmandu. On your arrival, you can expect a warm welcome by the Nagarkot community homestay with garlands. You will be introduced to the community and the host family with whom you will be staying for two days. Catch a brief rest, then you will be exploring the village with the hosts and making tapari (leaf plates) along with batti (wick) with the women of the community ending your day while bonding.


  • Drive Duration :1 hour approx.
  • Accommodation: Nagarkot Community Homestay

Morning Yoga Session, Community Hike, Cooking with Hosts

Start your day with Hatha yoga, an experienced instructor from the local community will guide you through these exercises and poses to start afresh in the morning at Shanti Danda. After breakfast with a great view, you will climb onwards to the Shanti Danda, where you can observe a great panoramic view of the valley and visit the Jalpa Devi Temple which is a revered religious site for the local people at Nagarkot.  

In the evening, assist your hosts in the kitchen to make your dinner of the day. Your host will guide you on how to handle all the ingredients as well as the spices to make the local meal in the best way.

  • Hike Duration: 3-3.5 hours approx.
  • Accommodation: Nagarkot Community Homestay

Nagarkot-Nala Hike and Drive to Namobuddha

Today, you will be starting your hike from the homestay to Nala. Starting from the newly built suspension bridge, you will hike uphill to the Shanti Park. You will then pass by the nearby Tamang village and then through the jungle hike downhill to reach Nala. A vehicle will be there to pick you up and you will be transferred to Namobuddha.

Namobuddha, perched atop of a hill is one of the most sacred Buddhist religious sites which is a place of meditation and practice. Thrangu Tashi Yangtse Monastery is the main highlights of Namobuddha founded by Thrangu Rinpoche believed to build over the skeletons of Buddha Mahasattva (reincarnation of Shakyamuni Buddha) who sacrificed himself to the hungry tigress and the cubs.

  • Hike Duration: 3.5-4 hours approx
  • Drive Duration: 1 hour 15 mins approx.
  • Accommodation: Hotel

Hike/ Drive/ Bike Tour to Panauti, Village Excursion

Today you will be travelling to Panauti, which is a mix of old towns full of old Newari architecture and temples and going a bit to the outskirts, you will find modern houses surrounded by farm fields. You can choose to hike from Namobuddha which takes around 3-4 hours one way where a local guide will be accompanying you throughout the way. You can also choose to take a bike ride from Namobuddha where an experienced guide will guide you through the terrain. The host will be awaiting your arrival with garlands and welcome drinks and direct you to their homes for your stay.

  • Drive Duration : 30 mins approx.
  • Accommodation: Panauti Community Homestay

Panauti Bike Tour, Cooking with Hosts, Cultural Program

Shortly after breakfast, enjoy a bicycle tour of the countryside and ride through three indigenous towns: Panauti, Bhandari gaun and Khopasi. Explore small temples, peddle through potato fields, and cross a suspension bridge. And try a cup of Nepali masala tea before you head back to the old town of Panauti. 

Later in the afternoon, help the hosts cook up a Newari feast for the evening where numerous local dishes are cooked to be served serially during gatherings. You will be able to observe the rich culinary heritage of the community. In the evening, dress like locals and be ready for a cultural program put together by the younger generation and feel free to add in your flair. Right after the program, you will participate in the traditional Newar culture feast- Suku Bhwe.

  • Bike Tour Duration: 2 hours approx.
  • Accommodation: Panauti Community Homestay

Drive to Kirtipur, Ranjana Lipi and Aila Experience, Transfer to Kathmandu

With a warm farewell from your hosts at Panauti, you will be traveling to Kirtipur. Kirtipur is one of the oldest Newari towns in Nepal. Home to the Newari community, enjoy local Newari food, catch views of the mountains and Kathmandu Valley, and visit the city’s many temples and stupas with the hosts.

Shortly after, you will learn to write an ancient Newari Script, Ranjana Lipi with an experienced instructor. Taste a local alcoholic drink ‘ Aila’ while you are learning to write the letters and also enjoy a Newari Set meal, Samay Baji. This meal is a ‘must have’ in festivities for the Newari Communities. You will be writing using traditional bamboo pens with ink along with enjoying delicious Newari cuisine. At the end, have a word of your choice in Ranjana script framed as a special memento.

You will be transferred to the Hotel in Kathmandu after this experience.

  • Drive Duration : 1 hours 45 mins approx
  • Accommodation: Traditional Comfort or Similar

International Airport Departure Transfer

Check-in is 3 hours prior to departure, and it is best not to skim on time as queues can be long and slow. Your booked airport transfer will be at your hotel ready to take you to the airport in time, allowing approximately 30mins driving time depending on time of day. At the airport security will check your flight ticket – either hard copy or on your mobile – along with your passport before you are allowed to enter the departure hall.

  • Accommodation: None

Impact Footprints

  • Supports local economies by engaging with community homestays, directly benefiting families and community projects
  • Preserves cultural heritage through participation in local traditions such as Newari cooking, cultural exchange, and learning Ranjana Lipi
  • Enhances cultural understanding and mutual respect through immersive experiences that educate travellers on local customs and lifestyles
  • Promotes sustainable tourism practices by favouring activities that maintain local environmental and cultural integrity
  • Empowers local communities by involving them in tourism planning and execution, ensuring they have a part in the tourism value chain
  • Reduces environmental impact by focusing on nature walks, hikes, and local transport options, minimising carbon footprint
  • Supports women’s empowerment through engagement with women-led initiatives like Panauti Community Homestay
  • Provides educational opportunities for visitors and locals, fostering knowledge exchange and skill development