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Mithila Painting Workshop


Mithila Painting Workshop

USD 50


Trip Overview

Mithila art, originating from the Mithila region of Nepal, is a unique and vibrant style of painting that holds great cultural significance. This art form showcases the immense creativity of the artists who use a range of tools, such as their fingers, twigs, brushes, nib pens, matchsticks, natural dyes, and pigments to create mesmerising masterpieces in order to bring a colorful depiction of story-telling to life.

The roots of Mithila art can be traced back to the legendary tale of King Janak, who commanded his subjects to embellish the walls of their homes to welcome Lord Ram when he sought the hand of his daughter Sita in marriage. In those early days, Mithila paintings were crafted using ingredients like flour, clay, and cow dung, and they were predominantly created during weddings, festivals, and feasts.

Originally practiced by women from various communities, Mithila painting has become an integral part of the cultural heritage of the Mithila region. Initially limited to adorning freshly plastered mud walls and floors of humble huts, this art form has evolved to include mediums such as cloth, handmade paper, and canvas.

Trip Notes:

  • All the making process is done in a typical and traditional way, the sitting position, which may not be convenient for you.
  • We offer a daily guaranteed departure for our Mithila Painting workshop, where individuals or groups can join. Our workshop accommodates a minimum of 01  person and can cater to a maximum of 10 participants at a time.
  • We provide the option to customise this trip into a private experience. The pricing for the private trip will differ from the cost of joining our regular group departure. Please feel free to inquire about the personalized pricing details for a private arrangement.

Trip Highlights of Mithila Painting Workshop

  • Immerse in the authentic and cultural heritage of the Mithila regions with the use of vibrant colors
  • Insightful experience into the traditions and rituals of Mithila culture
  • Learn the intricate patterns and designs, from the local craftsmen
  • Explore your creative skill and engage in the artwork with patience
  • A means of self-expression and fun activity


Today, you will be exploring the traditional Mithila Art and you will get the opportunity to learn the intricate and colourful art. As you reach the workshop, the artisans will welcome you and afterwards explain you how art has impacted their lives. You will be amazed to learn the history of Mithila Art and see how different items and objects are crafted and how the use of vibrant colours enhances their unique beauty. Eventually, the artists provide all the necessary materials like canvas, colours and brushes.

You can sit down calmly, sketch and paint with the colours of your choice to create your own masterpiece!

  • Product Design: Elephant mother and baby
  • Workshop Duration: 2 to 3 hours
  • Canvas size: 11 x 15 inches

Services Included

  • Necessary Transportation.
  • Mithila Painting session with the artisans.
  • Painting materials used for the craft.
  • A traditional lunch complemented with tea/ coffee and snacks.

Services Excluded

  • Tips and gratuities.
  • Other additional expenses.
  • Expenses arising from unforeseen circumstances beyond the control of Royal Mountain Travel.