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Stone Carving Workshop


Stone Carving Workshop

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Trip Overview : Stone Carving Workshop

Kathmandu Valley is renowned for a captivating archive of art and sculptures including stone carving and its hidden local workshops. Wouldn’t it be magical to be introduced to such a well-kept craft and knowledge? All over Nepal, we encounter intricate icons carved in stone depicting various gods and goddesses, which add to each region’s cultural tapestry. 

Nepal boasts some of the most beautiful stone sculptures, and the ancient settlements within Kathmandu Valley offer a magnificent display of this art form. The medieval temples and durbar squares of Kathmandu serve as an open museum, showcasing exquisite stone-carved idols of gods, kings, and mythical creatures. These sculptures reflect the influences of Hindu and Buddhist traditions, with statues of deities adorning temple premises throughout the country. Meticulous attention is given to following specific rules and guidelines while creating these sculptures, ensuring their religious and cultural authenticity. The expertise and dedication of the Newar community of Kathmandu Valley have preserved and nurtured this art form, which has flourished in recent times. 

In Nepal, stone sculpting can be broadly classified into two categories: traditional and modern. Traditional stone sculpting encompasses statues of gods, lingas (phallus-shaped structures dedicated to Lord Shiva), stone spigots, and other figures found near temples and shrines, such as serpents, lions, oxen, and the mythical bird Garuda. Traditional stone sculpting is characterized by adherence to rigid guidelines, leaving little room for experimentation. On the other hand, sculptures that deviate from these conventional guidelines and explore new artistic expressions are categorized as the modern form of stone sculpting. 

The Kathmandu Valley stands as a testament to Nepal’s rich heritage of stone sculpture. Its temples, squares, and settlements serve as living museums, displaying breathtaking stone artworks embodying the region’s cultural and religious identity. The interplay of tradition and innovation within this art form adds depth and diversity to the artistic landscape of Nepal, ensuring that stone sculpture continues to be treasured and celebrated for generations to come. 

Trip Notes:

  • All the making process is done in a typical and traditional way, the sitting position, which may not be convenient for you.
  • We offer a daily guaranteed departure for our Stone Carving  workshop, where individuals or groups can join. Our workshop accommodates a minimum of 01 person and can cater to a maximum of 5 participants at a time.
  • We provide the option to customize this trip into a private experience. The pricing for the private trip will differ from the cost of joining our regular group departure. Please feel free to inquire about the personalized pricing details for a private arrangement.

Highlights of Stone Carving Workshop

  • Insightful experience into the fine Newari medieval art and culture.
  • Learn the stone carving arts from the expert/ artisans.
  • A fun day activity with family, friends, or for yourself.


Embark on a captivating and immersive journey into the ancient art of stone carving, where you will experience a day filled with creativity and cultural exploration. This hands-on adventure allows you to delve into the traditional craft, gaining profound insights and appreciation for this timeless art form. 

Your day commences with an introduction to the captivating world of stone carving. The skilled and dedicated stone carvers who have devoted their lives to preserving this revered craft will guide you through the intricate techniques involved, unveiling the secrets of this ancient art.

The first step begins with the instructor providing you with a stone cut in the perfect size and materials like a compass, hammer, point chisel, and tooth chisel rake. The experienced artisans will then draw a draft on the stone where you will carve and demonstrate the process of using the tools on the stone with the draft on. 

As you embark on your creative journey, you will discover that stone carving is more manageable than it may appear. It requires care and precision rather than brute force, making it accessible to individuals of all strengths. Under the patient guidance of the stone carvers, you will be shown the techniques to carve unique inscriptions on the stone. Each chisel stroke will be a step closer to bringing your envisioned patterns to life. 

As the session draws to a close, you will proudly hold a completed stone carving in your hands, a testament to your newfound knowledge and artistic abilities. This personalized masterpiece will serve as a lasting memento of your experience, a tangible symbol of your connection to this ancient art form.

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Services Included

  • Necessary Transportation.
  • A traditional local lunch.
  • Well guided traditional Stone Carving session (with demonstrations) with the local artisans.
  • Materials cost used for the craft

Services Excluded

  • Tips and gratuities
  • Other additional expenses
  • Expenses arising from unforeseen circumstances beyond the control of Royal Mountain Travel