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fulpati 300x154 FulapatiFulpati is the seventh day of the ten-days festival, Dashain. This day is marked as one of the precious days in Dashain. Fulpati is a day when Jamara (shoots of grain) are brought from Gorkha, ancestor home of previous Nepalese Royal family, which is 169km away, to Kathmandu. Brahmins, a priest caste, carry Jamara from Gorkha to Jamal then priests worship Jamara with centuries old rituals. Big parades open up in the street of Kathmandu. Nepal army, Nepal police along with high-profile official ranks join at parades. Parades are also accompanied by band music and panche-baja (sound-a-like local Nepalese saxophone). In another words, this day holds high value among Hindu family. In normal Hindu houses, Fulpati is welcomed with great joy.Families decorateFulpati with holy water;banana stalks, Jamara, and covered with red cloth as it is a favorite color of Goddess Durga. They worship with flowers, offer fruits for the seeds that they sowed on the Ghatasthapana. They be thankful for the health of their family and pray for the blessings of Goddess Durga.

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