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Laxmi Puja is thetihar festival tour97 Laxmi Puja third day of Tihar. Laxmi Puja means worshipping Goddess Laxmi, goddess of wealth. Hindu devotees believe that worshipping Laxmi on this special day will make her happy and, in return, she will visit to bless for good wealth and fortune.
Laxmi Puja is often celebrated at night. To welcome her, people clean and decorate their houses with flowers from early morning to the dawn. And in the night, devotees brighten up their houses with candles, oil lamps, or with electric lights.
Deusi and Bhailo is a customary practice on Tihar, and an important ritual. Deusi is for group of boys and Bhailo is for women, where they visit houses to houses, sing and bless them for better health and fortune. In order to that, groups are offered with money or special dishes, or both.

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