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Sir / Madam,

My partner, Jeremy Clark, and I travelled on the Inger Vandyke Western Tibet Expedition 2013 with Mr. Baikuntha Simkhada. BK, we, affectionately called him, was absolutely brilliant on the trip.

His extensive knowledge of Buddhism and the Cultural History and Significance of those places we visited made our adventure very special.

We were also extremely thankful for his due diligence on not only advising us what to eat at various locations, but also his ensuring that each of the kitchens preparing our food, did so with due care and attention to hygiene. Whilst not paranoid about such matters, it was more relaxing to know that BK was looking after these issues for us.

We are also grateful to BK and Inger for planning a trip, in such a way, that we avoided altitude sickness. We have learned of other badly planned trips where this was not taken into consideration and the entire adventure was ruined.

In the future, we would love to return to Nepal and visit those other places that BK told us about, such as Chitwan National Park. We would have no hesitation in recommending Royal Mountain Nepal, and especially Baikuntha, if we ever had the opportunity of advising others travelling to your beautiful country.

Mark S Granger  
Senior Designer, Chris Vandyke Designs
December 9, 2013



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