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A motorbike tour is an experience to savor. The serpentine roads keep you wondering what the next bend will bring while, at the same time, the excellent gravel roads make riding a pleasure; the cool breeze sharpens your senses and brings a song to your heart. Motorbike tours are for people looking for an insight into the rural life of Nepal along with great views of the evergreen forests of the lower Himalayas dotted with beautiful temples and monasteries along the way. Our motorbike tours will take you around all the three lower zones of the country, giving you a better insight into the life and culture of Nepal.

The program has been designed after thorough research and is crafted to meet all aspirations of the adventurous traveler. It is our endeavor to give you enough space, time and mileage to explore the isolated regions, congested lanes, highways and the serpentine roads in the hills. Our bike tour will take you through Nepal on a guided safari to discover the best of Nepalese wildlife, culture and people. When you ride with the leader in off-road motorcycle adventures in Nepal, you’ll enjoy the finest customer service available and the challenge of rugged riding on Enfield motorcycles. Our motor bike adventures are tailored for all – from the novice to expert level riders.

Bike tours can be arranged for Tibet also.

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