Best Time to Visit Nepal for Trekking, and Travelling

By Royal Mountain Travel December 17, 2021

The best time to visit Nepal for trekking and traveling is in the spring or fall. During this period, the temperature is warm and the sky is clear making it the best season to visit Nepal. But due to the land topography, geographical features, and awesome climatic condition, one can visit Nepal throughout the year.

Here’s our awesome guide to the best time to visit Nepal for trekking, traveling, and enjoying some of the main festivals of Nepal.

Best Time to Visit Nepal for Trekking


Upper mustang

The time from Mid-September to November is the best month to visit Nepal. This is the month of the fall season here in Nepal, where temperatures are warm and dry making the sky more clear than ever. The bright and vivid environment will surely urge you to go trekking and traveling; as there will be a high chance of seeing unobstructed views of the Himalayas and landscapes. Being the most popular time to travel in Nepal, the trekking and hiking trails will be packed with hordes of both national and international travelers. So, hotels and accommodations in the trekking trails and gateways cities like Pokhara and Kathmandu will be packed with people. So it will be better if you plan your accommodation and transportation beforehand.



Another most popular time to visit Nepal is in March and April. It is the spring season in Nepal when the warm weather and forest filled with the rhododendron in the high lands. Likewise, the sky will be clear in the morning and a bit hazy during the daytime. During this season too, trails are crowded with travelers and adventure lovers.




This month is the best time for the Mount Everest expedition and others. The weather condition during this time is pleasant and stable and enable mountaineers to avoid strong winds, snowfall, and cold. During this peak season of mountaineering in Nepal you can also visit other.



Although this time the temperature falls down up to a minus degree in the highlands, making it utterly cold for trekking. The clear sky and the white blanket of snow covering the mountains and trails create a winter wonderland. This season is the best time for the unobstructed view of 8,000m Himalayan giants and surrounding highlands. As the trails will be not crowded, you can enjoy the views and the beautiful landscaped fullest. But there is be a chance of snow blocking off the trekking routes, so it better to plan your trek or trip beforehand.
Kathmandu is a bit cold during this month as compared to the Pokhara and Chitwan. The minimum temperature will be 1 to 2 degrees in Kathmandu, so one can easily sustain the temperature.


ghurjung-view - Annapurna Base Camp by Tour Leader Suman Khatri

Summer and Monsoon starts from Mid May to September in Nepal. During this period, the temperature is very hot and humid, also rains most of the days. Swollen rivers, landslides, floods are very common disrupting the trekking trails, roadways, and even cancellation of flights. You really should watch for the leeches in the areas as they are very active in the monsoon season. Best to wear long pants, tuck them in socks, and use insects replicants.

During this monsoon season, high trans-Himalayan valleys are a better option for trekking and traveling like Upper-Mustang as it lies in the rain shadow of the Annapurna. Likewise, due to the increment in the river water level, September is the best month/time for excellent whitewater rafting in Nepal.

Best Time to Visit Nepal For Wildlife Exploring

October and April is the best time to visit Nepal for wildlife. Nepal is home to various wildlife species and dense forest which is worth visiting in drier months. Chitwan National Park and Bardiya National Park is the famous and best national parks in Nepal. They are inhabited by the Tiger, rhinos, monkeys, birds, and even elephants.

Best Time to Visit Nepal for Festivals

Nepal has much more to offer than just mountains, and beautiful landscapes and sceneries. The country is rich in culture and tradition which are transparently reflected through the festivals.


  • Magh Sankranti


  • Holi- Festival of Color
  • Losar – Tibetan New Year


  • Maha Shivaratri
  • Seto Machhendranath


  • Bisket Jatra – Bhaktapur Durbar Square




  • Rato Machhendranath Festival- Patan
  • Buddha Jayanti 


  • Nag Panchami
  • Gai Jatra / Cow Festival
  • Krishna Janmasthami
  • Teej / Nepal Women’s Festival


  • Indra Jatra

Indra Jatra


  • Dashain / Bijaya Dashami- Nepal’s biggest festival

Experience the major festivals in Nepal


  • Tihar / Festival of Lights
  • Kartik Nach

Kartik Nach


  • Bala Chaturdashi
  • Sita Bibaha Panchami
  • Pokhara Street Festival


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