Little House in the Himalaya – The Blue Sky Bungalow – Paro, Bhutan

By Royal Mountain Travel November 25, 2012


Nestled in the green hills of Shaba along the Paro Chhu, you will find the Blue Sky Bungalow but if you blink at the wrong time, you could easily miss it. A labour of love more than two years in the making, the Blue Sky Bungalow is an extraordinary gem created with much loving detail and many artistic touches by local resident and artist, Tshering Penjor, who hails from the Paro valley.

Conceived and designed by the owners as a retreat-like alternative home-stay for visitors to Bhutan, the bungalow was constructed using the simplicity of Japanese design. It provides a unique and richly fully serviced setting (which includes a fully functioning kitchen, sleeping loft, out-door shower and traditional Bhutanese tub for long peaceful soaks under the stars – along with a small meditation room) which allows guests and visitors the chance to escape from the hectic pace of life and truly soak up what Bhutan has to offer.


Every stone and piece of timber was painstakingly put into place by Tshering and his small team of masons and carpenters. One will also quickly notice the mindful attention to detail which permeates the cabin’s atmosphere along with perfectly balanced incense smoke. The bungalow blends traditional Bhutanese style with contemporary design and features hand carved and reclaimed wood beams and trim (ask Tshering to elaborate on this for a story you won’t soon forget), brass and clay statue work represented in both life-size and miniature, raw Bhutanese silk as part of the bathroom sliding door and light fixtures, natural woven mats (which juxtapose gracefully on both floor and ceiling) and collectibles from the region.

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Located in the sacred and scenic Paro valley, it offers a perfect retreat for guest visitors to Bhutan or those wrapping up a work assignment and is perfect for single visitors or couples who need a private and quiet space to rejuvenate both heart and mind. For those with more active pursuits in mind, Paro also serves as an amazing starting point from which to begin exploring Bhutan as there numerous sacred sites and historical locations which can be visited either by foot, bicycle or by car scattered across the length of the entire valley which can keep one both occupied and absorbed for days.

And because Paro is also home to Bhutan’s international airport, it is the perfect place to relax and reflect upon the final days of your journey to this “beyul” in the Eastern Himalaya prior to boarding your out-bound flight and take in those last deep breaths of pure, sweet mountain air.

Whether you choose to explore Paro at the beginning or end of your trip – a visit to Paro – and wider Bhutan – will provide the adventure and learning experience of a lifetime.  And a stay at the Blue Sky Bungalow will only further enhance your experience helping to open the door to bliss at the end of each amazing and unforgettable day!



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