Annapurna is in Lonely Planet’s ‘Best places to travel in October 2015′

DCIM100GOPROKathmandu, July 13 – Lonely Planet, the largest travel guide book publisher in the world, has nominated Annapurna, or has encouraged travellers to visit Annapurna in this October, the ideal time for a stress-free jaunt. 

Under the title of “Best places to travel in October 2015” on their official website, the photograph of Annapurna has been displayed at the top. However, there is not any distribution in ranking among best places, but receiving the first sight on the best list can change the perception of travellers towards Nepal, says Shiva Dhakal – who is in Tourism industry since 22 years.

Lonely Planet writes, “October is once again peak season for trekking, and the Annapurna region is a great, nay epic, place to start.” It adds, “…most reports neglected to mention that most of Nepal was untouched by the disaster, including the most popular trekking areas.”

One of the pillars of Nepalese economy, the tourism industry has suffered from the cancellations of tourists’ plan to visit Nepal after the earthquake. Nevertheless, such a recommendation from the renowned organisation shows golden hope for the quick recovery of the Nepalese tourism industry.

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