Chhath festival being celebrated

JANAKPUR, Nov 19: Chaath, one of the major festivals celebrated by the Maithili community in the Tarai, is being celebrated today.

Chhath, the sun worshipping festival which began from Saturday this year, holds special significance for the Maithili community.Maithili women fast during the festival praying for the longevity and prosperity of family members.

The festival is observed over a period of four days beginning from the fourth day of the new moon ending on the seventh day in the month of Kartik as per the lunar calendar. As per the tradition, devotees eat pure vegetarian food after taking a dip in a holy river or pond on the first day.

On the second day, the devotees observe fast for the entire day and eat pudding, sweets and vegetables at night. On the third day, devotees offer prayers to the setting sun and conclude their fasting on the fourth day offering prayers to the rising sun.

The Hindu festival dedicated to the Sun god is observed to express gratitude to the heavenly body for sustaining life on earth.

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