Communication is essential to the smooth working of any company. It’s difficult to feel a part of a team when everybody has information that hasn’t been shared and when team members don’t fill each other in on what they’re working on. To introduce our team members to an environment without computers and e-mails, Royal Mountain Travel organized a team building program in Resort Park Village. A short drive away from the city, this is the perfect place to organize a team building events in a quiet environment. Royal Mountain Travel collaborated with the Last Resort, an adventure company, to organize the activities for the Team Building program.

Here are our best moments of the Team Building.

The Journey Begins

Lady in a cool T-Shirt, Community Homestay.

Well, ‘The Last Resort’ made it sure that we all are nothing but one big family.

If one touches the rope, the entire team disqualifies. It was a game of communication and team work.

Royal Mountain Travel men in their Royale Style.

Two dragons fighting like in the ‘Game of Thrones’.

The bottle belongs to who catches her the first.

…. And he is not letting her go, easily.

Whatever the result is, we all are winner.

Happy Faces!!!

How could a Nepalese event end without dancing?

The event ends with cocktail party.

Beautiful ladies only!!!

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