Forty tourism sites identified to extend tourist’s stay in Chitwan

Tourist in ChitwanForty tourism sites have been identified in Chitwan district for the development of tourism. Tourism is considered as the back bone for the economic development.

 The Chitwan Tourism Development Committee and the District Development Committee, Chitwan, identified the 40 tourism sites by determining Chaubiskothi of Bharatpur as the centre point.

General Secretary of the Chitwan Tourism Development Committee, Bishworaj Subedi, said the tourism sites were identified along with the time and distance to reach these sites.

 In average, tourists usually stay for 2.4 days in Chitwan, as per the data. The district authorities believe that it could make a great stride in view of tourism if the duration of tourist’s stay could be increased up to 3-4 days.

Rhino Chitwan

 Similarly, a few new tourism sites have also been identified, said Tourism Branch Officer at the District Development Committee, Chitwan, Prakash Poudel.

 Sauraha is the main tourism site in Chitwan district and the district is known as the third most popular tourism destination of the country.

 Sitamai Patihani, Ganeshsthan Parewakot, Rhino Pond, Chaulidanda, Tikauli Museum, Pyari Dhap, among others are the recently identified tourism sites.

 According to the data, some 225,000 tourists visit the district every year.

Source : RSS Nepal 


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