Ghode Jatra is being observed in the capital today

Ghode Jatra is being observed in the capital today, Chaitra Krishna Ousi.

It is believed that the festival began to drive away a bad spirit of Karmapa who was torturing children in the eastern side Tundikhel. Her spirit was driven away by letting horses loose, and the horses were believed to trample her soul with their hooves.
Horses are believed to be the transporter of  Goddess Taleju Bhawani and ghodejatra is also believed to be celbrated to please her.

A grand horse parade is scheduled to take place in Tundikhel this afternoon. The event is attended by the President and other government personnel. This tradition is believed to have been brought by King Shiva Singh, commnoly referred to as King Sim Sime. A public holday has been declared today to commemorate Ghode jatra.

Source: News 24

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