Impact Travel Kathmandu hosts its first event on Global Goal #11: Sustainable Cities and Communities

Impact Travel Kathmandu, one of the multi hubs of Impact Travel Alliance, joined fellow Impact Travel Alliance Hubs in hosting events around the same theme in Chicago, Kathmandu, Marrakech, NYC, Toronto and Tucson as part of an international effort around Global Goal #11: Sustainable Cities and Communities on 28th of March, 2018.

The event was organised at Bricks Cafe in Kupondole, where the main speaker was from the M.D of Royal Mountain Travel, Shiva Dhakal and Bikash Bajracharya – founding members of Patan Community Homestay, where they shared their ideas on future developments in Patan area, one of the hotspot tourist destinations in Nepal.

The event explored on the subjects of sustainability opportunities, development, and challenges that might bring in the near future through travel and tourism industry. The keynote speakers talked about how creativity and innovation are key to preserve local culture, heritage, and progress is possible from the increase of a number of tourists arriving in Nepal.

Later, the event directed to possible negative impacts that might arrive through the tourism industry. But, again, the keynote speakers presented their views for the development in the Patan region and market development for smaller organizations making it environmentally friendly and preserve it for the future generation.

This is the first public event of Impact Travel Kathmandu in Nepal. A promising number youth showed their participation on the day of an event.

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