Jimmy Carter eyes a trip to Nepal after Cancer Diagnosis

Jimmy Carter


Carter, in a remarkably candid discussion with reporters, detailed the spread of melanoma cancer to his liver and brain, spoke of his legacy and regrets, and flashed his megawatt smile as he let loose a few quips.

We may have just witnessed one of Jimmy Carter’s last press conferences. But it didn’t seem like a farewell.

The 90-year-old also made clear he might not be done with traveling, even as he prepares for radiation and drug therapy at Emory University Hospital.

Carter has logged 

He’s got one more trip on the docket with the latter organization, which builds homes for the needy, scheduled later this year. He’s hoping to go to Nepal with to break ground on a new house there.

Carter said the journey, which would require a roughly 8,000-mile flight from Atlanta, would also interfere with a round of cancer treatment. But he didn’t rule out making the trip, adding that his family members would probably go in his stead if he couldn’t make it.

Jonathan Reckford, Habitat’s chief executive, told our AJC colleague Shelia Poole that Carter’s discussion was an “extraordinary example of grace and transparency.” He also said the ex-president need not worry if he has to cancel.

“If he can’t make it,” said Reckford, “we will be there building in his honor.”

News Source: politics.blog.ajc.com

Photography courtesy: Reuters

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