Lalitpur festival begins from today

With the aim of aiding to explore the international market and to provide the best platform for optimum consumer’s satisfaction,  Laliptur Festival 2013 is  beind held  from today 28th march to 3rd April.The festival is jointly orgainsed by Laliptur Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Sub-Metropolitan City and Jyapu Samaj, Yala. Festival is organized to promote art, culture and tradition in the particular area along with commercial perspectives.

The festival will offer more exciting recreational activities for kids and grownups, a narrated tour for tourists highlighting district’s historic places and communities, provide tables for non-profit organizations and agencies, local products of district, national products, products from SAARC countries and international market as well as a number of business to disseminate information about their services and products.

Activities During The Event

1. Special Display of historical Places & museums
2. Live Demonstration of Preparing Food & Products
3. Senior Citizen Public Felicitation
4. Traditional & Cultural Dance Shows
5. Newari Orchestra Performance
6. Traditional & Musical Concert in eights Different Ancient Dabalies (stages)
7. Modern Musical Fest & Fashion Shows
8. Lifestyle Show (Live)/ traditional Practices and Rituals
9. Street Carnivals
10. Documentaries, Film Shows
11. Food and Beverages- Newari Alcohol & Food Showcase
12. Children Fun Park
13. Traditional Welcome Gate Competition
14. Sports Competetion
15. Paintings and Art Competetions
16. Cycle Rally
17. Agro & “One District, one Product” (ODOP) Market
18. Narrated Guided Historical Tour of Lalitpur followed by Traditional Cuisine
19. Ambassador Heritage Tour and Meet
20. Ethnic Musical shows
21. National and International products exhibition and business stalls.

Products to be exhibits in Lalitpur Festival 2013 Nepal

1. Textile & Readymade Garment
2. Handicrafts and local products
3. Vehicles & auto parts
4. Products dedicalred to “one Village One product” (OVOD)
5. Furniture & Furnishing
6. Home Appliance, household & Kitchenware
7. Real Estates & Constructions Materials
8. Herbal Products
9. Gems & Jewelry
10. Festival Souveniers
11. Shirting & Suiting
12. Footwear
13. Information Technology
14. National & International Brand
15. Service related activities like Banks
16. Insurance, Finance, Co-operatives
17. Advertising, School & colleges
18. Night Market
19. Products of SAARC & Other countries
20. The festival will also focus on tourism mart, food festival, cultural events, recreational and entertainment activities

Must Visit Place in Lalitpur Kathmandu Nepal:

1. Mahabaudhha
2. Lalitpur Durbar Square
3. Kumbheshwor
4. Banglamukhi Temple
5. Shankhamul Temple
6. Rudrabarna Mahabihar
7. Sundhara
8. Acheshwor Mahavihar
9. Wochhu Tole
10. Ta Bahal (Machindranath Template)
11. Chi bahal (Min Nath Temple)
12. Kumari Live Goddes Mangalbazar
13. Golden Temple Mangalbazar
14. Gujibahal Find A 25 feet Golden Buddha Statue
15. A Grand Budha Statue Gwarkodumbar Balkumari
16. Specially Decorated four Stupas in four different places
17. Jyapu Pragya Bhawan, Vola Dhokha
18. Jyapu Pragya Bhawan Museum, Vola Dhokha
19. Honacha Mangalbazar
20. Sundhara Wo : (Bara) Pasa – Wo: A hygienic soft local bread
21. Chabahal Boating & Pond Side Local Restaurant

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