Life of Mira Rai, woman who sees the finishing line first, is being filmed

mira-finishing-sellaronda-56kmMira Rai is a young Nepalese athletic who is well recognized for her free spirit and her triumph over long and tough mountain races. She grew up in a remote eastern part of Nepal along with rugged landscapes, walking up and down in the hills at her daily basis. Like many others, she also ventured from her village to the capital of Nepal, Kathmandu, to try her luck. When her anticipated luck in Kathmandu was running out, one morning she came across with one runner who mentioned her about a long running race in the local hills. In that race, she crossed the finishing line in a promising time and that was when the world sees a new, perfect, star for this sport.

Her talent found international representation when she completed the 56.9km distance in 6h36’30” at Italy, finishing in 11th position overall, some 50 minutes behind the leading man, breaking the women’s record by around half an hour. She wouldn’t limit her spirit there – only – but when she was the first one to execute the race from the women side in Hong Kong Island Trail Race, she was, there, well appreciated and highly valued.

Now, Lloyd Belcher wants to narrate the story about bit luck and bit ‘Mira Rai’ in his motion picture. writes, “Nepali school girls are sorely in need of positive role models. The film, in Mira’s native language, demonstrates what women can achieve in a gender biased society. Mira hopes this will inspire young girls across Nepal.” Film shooting took place in Nepal and Hong Kong, and film is expected to release in May 2015.

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