Local Guide Training for Sanga-Panauti Hike

Royal Mountain Travel and Community Homestay Network have always worked to empower the locals from different communities and with the same motto of supporting the local communities, Royal Mountain Travel started the Community Hike in 2016 which is now benefiting a lot of locals in different ways. With the main objective of utilizing the local human resources, Community Homestay Network (CHN) conducted two days Local Guide training on 1st and 2nd July 2019. This training was targeted to the locals of Panauti, who shall be hired for the community hike (Sanga-Panauti Hike) after the completion of the training. The training is, therefore, an outcome of the idea of making Panauti’s tourism sustainable by involving the locals directly to the tourism of the place.
The two days training was organized in order to train local’s and make them capable to guide travelers on the Sanga-Panauti Hike route. The first day of training took place at Royal Mountain Travel training Hall, where all the theoretical and practical instructions were explained by the instructor. Similarly, the second day of training was done practically by hiking through the route. The instructor also joined the trainee team for the community hike on the second day.

Royal Mountain Travel, as well as Community Homestay Network, is always determined in order to empower the local human resource of Panauti, Create an extra income source for them, as well as to encourage the upcoming generation to get involved in the tourism activities so that a sense of belongingness of local’s towards tourism can be developed. This training will not only help in promoting Panauti’s tourism, but will also create a platform for more people at Panauti other than those who are already involved with Panauti Community Homestay.

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