Manang upbeat with Yarthung festival (with photos)

A village in upper Manang is currently in a festive mood as it celebrates ‘Yarthung’–a local horse race–from last three days. ‘Yarthung’ is the biggest festival in Manang. Males aged from 16 to 60 years old take part in the horse race.

Locals say the word ‘Yarthung’ is taken from Tibetan language. The meaning of “Yar” is summer and “Tung” is festival, informed Chairman of Tourism Entrepreneur Committee, Binod Gurung.

The festival is conducted annually to erase fatigue and create a jolly environment after plantation, Gurung said. The festival runs its course over 4 days and is coming to an end on Monday.

“The first two days of the festival comprises of Horse racing. In the third day, horse riders are divided into two groups. One group is sent to Karki and the other is sent to Pocho Gumba where a puja is conducted which is followed by eating and dancing. The last day constitutes visiting of Manang Gumba and accepting ‘wang’ from Buddhist priests”, said Gurung. “This festival is also important from tourism perspective” he added.

Photo courtesy: Tashi R. Ghale

News Source: Kathmandu Post

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