Nepal among the 14 Tiny Countries that are big-time destinations by Thrillist

Nepal has been placed on the list of the 14 tiny countries that are big-time destinations by Thrillist Travel. The US-based popular media group in August has placed Nepal among the 14 countries.

How tiny is it: 56,827 square miles
Or, roughly: Almost a West Virginia
Tiny fact: Nepalis celebrate their New Year in mid-April.

This colorful patch of mountains nestled between China and India is a fascinating blend of cultures: Buddhism and Hinduism, dizzying Himalayan peaks and sleepy backpacker towns, dreadlocked hippies and warm locals (with blessedly open hearts). For such a small country, Nepal has seen its share of turmoil: a royal massacre, a Maoist insurgency, and a devastating earthquake which last year killed thousands and toppled the historical squares in the Kathmandu Valley.

Nepal’s political infrastructure has made rebuilding slow, but tourism can help the country recover faster. You’ll still be able to experience the holy ritual of trekking across snowy peaks (Nepal claims eight of the world’s 10 tallest mountains), or learn to paraglide in the clear skies above Lake Pokhara. Before you head off for your big adventure, don’t forget to visit a temple to pray to Ganesha, the Hindu elephant god (overcomer of obstacles). Perhaps, you’ll be blessed with a smile and a tika on your forehead from the wrinkled woman tending it. – Laura Yan, Thrillist contributor

News Source: Thrillist

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