Nepal Government awards Chinese mountaineer, Wang expresses her gratitude.

Wang Jing and her five Sherpas' team are the first to scale the Mt. Everest after avalanche.

Wang Jing and her five Sherpas’ team are the first to scale the Mt. Everest after avalanche.

KATHMANDU: Despite of surrounding the fact about the use of a chopper above the Everest Base Camp to avoid risky track by Chinese mountaineer Wang Jing, a few weeks ago, the government awarded her formally after officially endorsing her May 23 Mt Everest ascent on Monday.

The Ministry approved Wang’s climbing with an official certificate recognizing her lone ascent to the top of the world, validating her claim, this season.

In her application submitted to the Ministry, Wang claimed that she was at Camp 2 on May 10 and came down to the Base Camp on May 14 to rest there for the next two days and again atop to Camp 2 through the treacherous icefall route.

The government took Wang’s summit as a special case to prove to the rest of the world that there was no black year on Everest following April 18 avalanche.  Officials at the Ministry considered Wang’s summit as special asshe conquered the peak at a time all the Sherpas and their supportive staff dropped their ascending bids. They further believed that it was not a good time to follow the every rules of expedition thoroughly.

In the meantime, mountaineer Wang has expressed her gratitude to Nepal government, Sherpas and well-wishers for supporting her to make the hardest ever summit. Wang left for China on Tuesday.

News Source: Nepal Mountain News

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