Nepal in 5th of The Best Places to Travel in May by Cntraveler

Nepal has secured the 5th place on the Best Places to travel in May by Cntraverler. The US-based popular media group in May has placed Nepal among the Top 7 places.


The date of Buddha’s birthday, much like that of Queen Elizabeth II, can vary. In Nepal, his actual birthplace, it’s celebrated on the full moon day in May, priming the country for a month-long celebration. Celebrate it at sites like the holy Boudhanath, one of the country’s largest stupas, or domed temples, or the main door of the Monkey Temple, Swayambhu, which is only open for his birthday. Even better, you can pair this experience with an attempt at summiting Everest, since the June rains haven’t hit the Himalayas yet and the skies remain mist-free and bright blue for the best possible views from the mountain. Opt for an organized trip by a tour operator like Intrepid Travel to maximize your time and minimize logistical challenges.

News Source: Cntraveler

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