Nepal Opens Everest to Climbers for First Time Since Earthquake

Everest ReopeningNepal is reopening Mt. Everest for mountaineers after a massive earthquake hit the country in April.

Nobukazu Kuriki, a Japanese climber, will begin his ascent Tuesday as the first mountaineer since the devastating earthquake-turned-avalanche killed 19 mountaineers. On Sunday, Nepal’s tourism minister, Kripasur Sherpa, handed over Kuriki’s climbing permit in a ceremony.

Kuriki will be attempting to scale Everest during the fall, considered by climbers to be a difficult season compared to spring. “The main purpose of my climb is to spread the message that Nepal was safe for climbers and trekkers even after the earthquake,” Kuriki said,according to the Associated Press.

Nobukazu Kuriki is the first person since April’s devastating earthquake to be awarded a climbing permit

Kuriki, who has attempted the climb four times before and lost nine fingers to frostbite in his most recent attempt, plans to scale the summit in September.

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Writer: Tanya Basu  @mstanyabasu

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