Nepal stands on top among ‘World Most Photogenic Countries’

Rough Guides photographer Tim Draper reveals his top ten most photogenic countries in the world

Kathmandu, Nepal: Wanderlust and an English travel photographer, Tim Draper has been to the core places on earth to satisfy his never ending thirst for photography. When he started his venture for most stunning pictures around the globe, he went on to shoot Laos, Montréal, Vancouver and India, taking two months for each area.

“I wasn’t in it for the money,” he says. “I was in it to see the world and document everything as best as I could for the travel guide.”

After his experience through his viewfinder, he has revealed ‘The World’s Most Photogenic Countries’, in that list Nepal stands ahead most of the beautiful countries like China (Hong Kong), Vietnam, USA, India and Japan. Among his top 10 countries, Nepal is in the first position, Japan in the second, India at forth and USA takes the eight position.






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