Nepal to gift China two pairs of rhinos

Nepal’s government has decided to gift two pairs of one-horned Rhinos to the government of China. A meeting of the Council of Ministers on Sunday morning made the decision, Minister for Information and Communication Sherdhan Rai told the media. The rhinos will be used for research and educational purposes.

The Chinese government had officially requested Nepal to send two pairs of rhinos when forest minister Agni Prasad Sapkota visited the northern neighbour in January 2016.

Nepal has in the past gifted one-horned rhinoceros to Bangladesh, Pakistan, China, USA and Germany. According to officials, Nepal had also sent a pair of rhino calves to Germany. The last pair of rhinos Nepal gifted to another country was in 2006 when the then crown prince Paras visited Austria.

The Cabinet also appointed former minister and former law secretary, Madhav Poudel, as chair of the Nepal Law Commission.

It also decided to hand over Rs 200 million to the BP Koirala Academy of Health Sciences.

News Source: OK

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