Plastic bag ban to resume from late July

Government has announced to resume the ban on use of plastic bags starting late July. Citing poor monitoring for the failure of previous ban, Population and Environment Ministry stated there will be proper regulations this time.

The Ministry, on the occasion of International Plastic Bag Free Day on Sunday, organised a press conference announcing the government will resume the earlier ban on the use of plastic bags from this fiscal year.

Secretary at the Ministry, Bishwanath Oli said that general people themselves too should be aware regarding plastic bag usage. He further added that the Ministry has been working jointly with various organisations to ensure that anyone working against the regulation would be punished.

During the occasion, Department of Environment General Director Ganesh Kumar Shrestha said informed that Rs 2.7 million from the budget had been allocated for the implementation of ban and it would come into effect immediately after the Budget is passed.

Even though the ban had been declared in April 2015, its implementation had been affected by the April 25 Earthquake.

News Source: The Kathmandu Post

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