Positive fluctuation in economy when women run Homestay trade

Kavre, Panauti: Breaking the prejudice of the society, women from Panauti have stepped ahead to run the business, and that is ‘Home-Stay’.Panauti

A year ago, fifteen women from Panauti-5 dared to state this home-stay business at their own and each step is brining success.

“Our fundamental issue was to attract more tourist”, says president of Panauti Community Homestay, Shila Amatya, “Apparently, tourist are more attracted to spend their time in homestay and live a life with local Nepalese family.

“We also want to bring elevation in women’s confidence, who are previously engaged only in household.” Panauti Community Homestay provides not only to dine like locals but a complete tour package to the authentic Panauti. By this tourist will understand Panauti closer than from guides’ orientation.

Homestay that welcomes guest with the traditional style charges Rs. 1,500 per night including lodging and lunch, and Rs. 300 goes to the foundation committee for further more development.

Homestay gets tourist from Australia, Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Netherlands, UK, USA, etc. So, to bring efficiency at work, Homestay committee offers English language classes to all women. Panauti Homestay is backup by the Royal Mountain Travel from Kathmandu. Royal Mountain Travel assists homestay by providing hand books of English language, English classes, and by the information of this homestay to tourist in Kathmandu.

“This is a good method, precisely, to act like a plug between two different cultures, to understand each other’s culture and to recognize how to act with each other’s culture. To expand this noble trade, government must show their concern.

“Not only tourists, we have many Nepalese customers as well”, says Shila Amatya.

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