Press Release: Pray for Nepal

10425062_10153229830241054_2101441999909712432_nIt is a very sad moment for all at Royal Mountain Travel after the devastating 7.9 Richter scale earthquake which is responsible for destruction of many buildings, historical monuments, temples and the death of thousands of people. The whole country is in state of shock and grief.

With god’s grace, we can say that all our staff, guests and clients are safe. We are in close contact with all of them and are providing them with all-possible support to the best of our capacity for their safety and comfort. For the information to all our agents and business partners: we have not changed any operation schedule till date. We are expecting that the situation will be back to normal within a week.

At this hour of grief, we express our heartfelt condolences for those who have lost their loved ones. We also thank our partners, friends and agents who have expressed their feelings for Nepali people and extended hands for support and cooperation on humanitarian ground.

We, Royal Mountain Travel, have established a small seed fund of USD 10,000 to initiate local support programs for rural villagers, guides, porters, helpers and members of Royal Mountain Travel’s personnel who have lost their shelters and need support for restoration of the same. We are in the process of opening a bank account for this fund for anyone that would like to contribute. Interested individuals, companies or agents may contact Mr. Nabindra Shrestha on cell phone number +977 985 107 62 56, email or myself directly for further information.

Shiva Dhakal
Managing Director
Cell No: +977 980 201 22 22

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