Rough Guides recommend Nepal as the No. 1 destination for 2016

KATHMANDU, Jan 5: Saying that money spent by tourist in Nepal can help Nepal revive faster, Rough Guides, a UK-based publisher of travel and reference information, has listed Nepal as the best place to visit in 2016.

The publication has mentioned that thoughtfully spent tourist dollars will go a long way in Nepal; choosing independent home stays and grass roots tour companies ensures money ends up in local pockets. “With varied landscapes – from the Himalayas to jungles inhabited by tigers, elephants and rhinos – Nepal should be your first choice for travel in 2016,” recommends the publication recommends.

Colombia, Cuba, Jordan, Albania, Romania, El Salvador, Wales, Kenya and Sri Lanka follows Nepal in the list of top ten countries to visit in 2016.

“After a series of devastating earthquakes and aftershocks, Nepal’s tourist industry is on the rise again. Though hundreds of thousands have been left homeless, and daily life is not fully back to normal, the country’s historic landmarks are slowly being restored. Trekking routes are reopening and the resilient Nepali people are finding their feet,” said Rough Guides says.

Experts have also been saying that tourism can help revive the Nepali economy faster after the devastating earthquake of April 25 and the problems that the country has been facing thereafter.

Deepak Raj Joshi CEO of Nepal Tourism Board (NTB), said recommendation from such a prestigious publication will certainly encourage potential visitors to travel to Nepal. “This kind of highlights in international travel portal is a very positive message to change the negative perception created in the mindset of potential travelers after the earthquake,” said Joshi.

Nepal is also at the top in Rough Guide’s People’s Choice list. According to the travel site, resounding support for Nepal echoed through their ‘travelin2016′ Twitter hash tag making Nepal the top People’s Choice.

“We’re all in agreement: tourism is key to helping Nepal recover. From its majestic mountains and lush green rice paddies to decorated temples and chaotic capital, the country also remains an undoubtedly beguiling place,” the publication writes.

The Philippines, Myanmar, India, Iceland, Greece, Vietnam, The USA, Peru and Thailand follow the list of People’s choice for 2016.

Sunil Sharma, officiating director of NTB, said Rough Guides has rightly said that Nepal should be travelers’ first choice to travel in 2016. “We are delighted to get such a positive feedback from Rough Guides. It has rightly highlighted the efforts made by the whole tourism industry to revive the sector,” he added.

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News Source: My Republica

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