Royal Mountain Travel continues to be a Sustainable Organization

In the midst of an energy (electricity) crisis in the country, Royal Mountain Travel (RMT) has planted solar panels – as the alternate to fuel generators, and to remain an environment-friendly company in Nepal.

Solar panels produce sufficient energy to operate the company for 24 hours, without any disturbances or pollution. Royal Mountain Travel has banned the use of plastic bags in the office, hence the company is using cotton bags for as a carriage. Also, the company is providing training on “Sustainable and Responsible Tourism” to the entire staff member.

RMT is encouraging the staff member to reuse the papers (if possible, be paperless to the full), be cautious on handling the power (don’t let the computer ‘on’ if it’s not necessary), be enthusiastic on protecting and respecting the nature, and to the hilt – work with such vendors who are responsible towards the environment, or encourage vendors to be responsible vendors.

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