Royal Mountain Travel establishes an Impact and Sustainability Department

At Royal Mountain Travel, we are guided by our vision to develop tourism in Nepal sustainably and to ensure that the benefits of tourism reach the local communities. Our impact-oriented approach led us to establish the Community Homestay Network. Over the years, it gives us immense joy to witness women homestay owners feel more empowered, standards of living of homestay owners improve, local economies become more stimulated and cultures of indigenous groups become more respected. We have been humbled to receive recognition from our partners worldwide for our efforts.

On the sustainability front, since our inception, we have learnt and continue to learn from our experiences and our partners to engage in more sustainable practices. As we worked towards engaging in more sustainable practices, we were awarded the Travelife Certification for Excellence in Sustainability in 2017.

Our journey does not stop here. In fact, it has only begun. We feel it is now time to push ourselves further as a responsible company. In this spirit, we have recently established the Impact and Sustainability Department to streamline our impact and sustainability-oriented efforts and to ensure sustainability is at the core of how we do business. The Impact and Sustainability Department is primarily tasked with measuring our social and environmental performance, implementing, monitoring and evaluating our impact and sustainability-oriented efforts and communicating our commitments towards our people, communities and planet to our stakeholders.

The department under the guidance of the Managing Director and the General Manager consists of the following members from Royal Mountain Travel and sister companies:

Aadyaa Pandey – Impact and Sustainability Manager

Anish Shrestha – Reservation Officer, Royal Mountain Travel

Arzoo Pokharel – Travel Consultant, Royal Mountain Travel

Bikal Khanal – Service Designer, Community Homestay Network

Poonam Gupta – Impact Manager, Community Homestay Network

Ujita Nakarmi – Residence Manager, Traditional Comfort


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