Royal Mountain Travel organizes “Three Day Leadership” training for the Fresh Trekking and Tours Guides

Trekking guides are not just only leaders in the trekking trails, but they are the real brand ambassadors for the Nepalese Tourism Industry. Guests, after spending two weeks of trekking in the Himalayas, it is up to the characteristics of trekking guides if the vacation will be memorable. Every year, Royal Mountain Travel enrols ten to fifteen new trekking and tour guides in the company. This year Royal Mountain Travel organized a ‘Three Day Leadership (Trekking and Tours)” in its office to maintain a strong connection with the in-house sales team, senior trekking and tour guides with the new trekking guides.

On 11th July 2018, Royal Mountain Travel (RMT) organized “Three Day Leadership (Trekking and Tours)” in collaboration with Mrs Elina Koski at its own office in Lal Durbar Marg. Mrs Koski is a Finnish lady who has lived in the Asian countries for more than 30 years. She has been long involved in the tourism industry giving lectures and training about Tourism, Culture, Tour and Trekking guides, etc in major touristic countries in Asia.

This workshop – and training – is organized to instruct guides the etiquettes to perform and become responsible guides in regards their work efficiently and also for their personal development.

RMT is very concerned, and sensitive, in terms of customer satisfaction and maintaining the reputation of the company. Previously, trekking guides of Royal Mountain Travel had received such similar training from many institutions in, both, national and international platforms.

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