Saurya Airlines — first in Nepal to introduce Jet Aircraft for commercial purpose

SauryaKATHMANDU, Nepal – Saurya Airlines started commercial operation from Monday with its Bombardier CRJ-200 series aircraft.

Mukesh Khanal, marketing chief of Saurya Airlines, said the 50-seater aircraft conducted one mountain flight and a round trip on Kathmandu – Biratnagar route.

“There were 19 passengers, all of whom were foreigners, in the mountain flight,” Khanal added. “Similarly, we had 60 percent occupancy while flying to Biratnagar and 98 percent occupancy while returning to Kathmandu.”

Saurya has claimed that it is the first airline in the country to use jet aircraft for domestic flights.

According to Khanal, the airline will operate two mountain flights, two flights to Biratnagar and one flight to Bhairahawa every day from November 25.

“Passengers will reach Biratnagar and Bhairahawa in just 20 minutes while flying with us. Other aircraft take around 40 minutes to reach those destinations,” added Khanal.

Similarly, the airline will conduct mountain flights for 45 minutes.

The airline has fixed the normal fare to Biratnagar and Bhairahawa at Rs 4,600 and Rs 4,300, respectively. Similarly, it has fixed fare for mountain flights at Rs 10,500.

There fares are cheaper compared to airfares offered by other airlines.

The airline is planning to fly to Bhadrapur, Nepalgunj and Dhangadi in the near future.

“We will bring one more CRJ-200 series aircraft within one and half months. Similarly, we are acquiring a 70-seater aircraft within two months,” added Khanal.

The airline has set its sights on international skies as well. “We have plans to fly to Mumbai, New Delhi, Kerala and Goa of India, and Sri Lanka once we expand our fleet,” said Khanal.

News Source: MyRepublica

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