Sir Edmund Hillary’s granddaughter helping out Nepal

amelia hillaryAmelia Hillary, the granddaughter of Kiwi mountaineer Sir Edmund Hillary, is helping to rebuild Nepal after it was devastated by an earthquake in April.

And she’s made a surprising friend in Nepal along the way, Tashi Tenzing.

Tashi’s the grandson of Norgay Tenzing – Sir Ed’s old climbing partner.

Together the pair have been providing aid since the devastating earthquake.

“We’ve been to nine districts of this country, send over 50 tonnes of food and shelter and 3500 homes we have sent aid [sic],” says Tashi.

In the small village of Timbu the pair have been providing urgent and immediate relief including food, medicine and building supplies.

“The main urgency is the monsoon is coming which means we’ll have people exposed to the elements, and also we might not be able to access people again,” says Amelia.

The pair are doing all they can to get aid out before the roads are wiped out by the landslide.

News Source: TVNZ

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