Susmita Maskey creates another History

Susmita MaskeyKathmandu, 12 Dec 2014: Nepalese mountaineer Susmita Maskey has become ‘The First Nepalese woman to conquer Seven Summits’. According to the local time at 14:40 on Saturday, Maskey climbed the summit of Vinson Massif of Antarctica, which also makes her the only Nepalese woman to reach atop of Vinson Massif. 

Among her conquered seven summits are:
1. Mt. Everest 8,848 meters Nepal (18th May, 2011)
2. Mt. Elbrus’s 5,642 meters, Russia (26th June, 2013)
3. Mt. Kilimanjaro 5,895 meters, Tanzania (5th July, 2013)
4. Mt. Kosciuszko 2,228 meters, Australia (25th July, 2013)
5. Mt. Aconcagua 6,961 meters, Argentina (13th January, 2014)
6. Mt. Mckinley (Denali) 6,194 meters, USA (23rd June, 2014)
7. Mt. Vinson Massif 4892 meters, Antarctica (November 2014)

Pic Source: Facebook

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