Sonam Lhosar being observed with gusto across the nation

Sonam LosharKATHMANDU:Sonam Lhosar, a greatest festival of the Tamang people is being observed across the nation by organising various programmes and exchanging greetings with each other on Friday.

The festival, which is the 2848th year of the Tamang community under the Tibetan lunar calender, is celebrated on the first day of new moon. The indigenous people will bid farewell to the Snake Year and welcome the Year of the Horse. Continue reading

Sonam Lhosar being marked with fanfare

sonam-lhosarKATHMANDU: Sonam Lhosar, a great festival of the Tamang people in Nepal is being celebrated with much fanfare across the country today.

During this festival, the houses and vicinity are kept clean, holy clothes hoisted and puja conducted by worshipping Lord Buddha. Similarly, the Lama and gurus are gathered, dances performed making the merriment in the Tamang community. Continue reading

Gurungs to mark New Year today

KATHMANDU, Dec 30: The Gurung community is celebrating their New Year, Tamu Lhosar on Sunday.

According to the Tamu Lhosar Festival Committee, people from the Gurung community would gather at Tudikhel to celebrate the festival. Vice-president Parmananda Jha and other political leaders are scheduled to participate in the ceremony. Continue reading